Démarche pour les Particuliers

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The approach for an Individual

The watch is a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) product and, as such, must be recycled.

Indeed, when buying a quartz watch, the consumer pays an eco-tax for its recycling. However, the watch is the only small WEEE that is not recycled nowadays. Before Eco Tempo!

Since 2010, Eco Tempo has become the only concept in the world to recycle your watches.

Eco Tempo recycles absolutely all types of watches:

  • leather watches,
  • metal watches,
  • LCD watches,
  • classic watches,
  • vintage watches,
  • Casio watches,
  • luxury watches, or even
  • automatic watches, and
  • connected watches

In short, all the watches you systematically  kept in your drawers without ever throwing them in the trash.

Now, thanks to Eco Tempo, you can get rid of them without fear of harming the environment.


Recyclez vos montres usagés

How to recycle your watches and jewellery?

  • You fill out the Individuals Form to receive free prepaid envelopes.
  • You will receive by email the validation of the procedure of your request.
  • You return the prepaid envelope filled with your used watches and jewellery.
  • You receive a discount to use on our member watch brands websites.
Click here and discover discover the member brands, happy to join our concept of recycling watches and jewellery: Eco Tempo
Benefic Gesture for our planet
Free and Reward
Social reintegration
Optimization of raw materials
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*Only on the websites of those following member brands.


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Tons of collected watchs, since 2010.

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