Communication Tools

Urne Eco Tempo

Eco Tempo Collecting box.

Dimensions: L 300 mm x l 150 mm x h 290 mm (with top information)

Presentation Brochure for Professionals.

Format: A3 4 pages recto/verso

Eco Tempo en boutique

Posters, shop showcards with the Eco Tempo mascot.

Formats :  A4; A3; showcards

Leaflet explicatif

Presentation leaflets for customers.

Dimensions : A6

Sticker PLV

Eco Tempo Stickers.

Dimensions : Diametre 140 mm

enveloppe prépayée de recyclage -EcoTempo

Eco Tempo Prepaid envelope.

Dimensions : 230 mm x 170 mm. May contain +/- 500g.