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Our FAQs are divided into two categories, for Professionals and for Individuals.


Becoming an Eco Tempo Member means being concerned about the impact of its watch and jewellery waste. It means becoming a committed eco-responsible brand.

Today, Eco Tempo is the only private company in the world to offer this innovative concept of watch recycling. As such, it has no subsidies from the state, like the rest of the products in the WEEE family, which are recycled. Eco Tempo is therefore counting on your membership to pay the people in social integration who dismantle the watches.

The concept works on a freemium economic principle. Free for Individuals, and paying (annual memberships) for Professionals.

Eco Tempo tends to be the fairest for each structure.

In internal organisation, the number of points of sale will influence the number of parcels sent and therefore the logistical treatment of these parcels, before dismantling and sorting.

De nombreux avantages s’offrent à vous lorsque vous devenez adhérent Eco Tempo:

  • Environnemental : Vous gérez désromais la fin de vie de votre produit horloger et participez à la limitation du gaspillage des matières premières.
  • Législatif : Vous respectez la loi du « 1 pour 1 » et le principe obligatoire de reprise du « 1 pour 0 ».
  • Fiscal : Vous récupérez 60% de la valeur de votre don. Est considéré comme « Don » tout objet neuf ayant une valeur marchande identifiée, non vendable/non vendue.
  • Social : Si vous êtes éligible, vous pouvez vous exonérer en partie de la taxe AGEFIPH.
  • Commercial : Vous proposez des opérations de collecte auprès de vos clients afin de mettre en avant votre marque et vos produits.
  •  D’image : Vous vous imposez auprès de vos clients comme marque soucieuse de son impact sociétale et environnemental (RSE) ; vous êtes un professionnel engagé. Vous vous démarquez de vos concurrents.

Votre contrat prévoit un certain nombre d’outils de communication pour vos opérations de collecte, selon le nombre de points de vente. Si jamais vous avez besoin de plus d’urnes, de flyers, d’affiches, d’autocollants, n’hésitez pas à nous en demander par le biais de Contacts

You can of course keep your visual identity when you are an Eco Tempo member; you have no obligation to use our communication tools. 

The membership contract stipulates on the other hand that we are present on all your various communication supports when promote your collecting operations and/or display your CSR commitment (Corporate Social Responsibility): Eco Tempo logo (with respect to the colour code of our logo) and website.

Eco Tempo

Your shipments will be significantly different when you ship used watches and jewellery or when they are unsold (not yet consumed) products.

In the case of a shipment of unsold (new) merchandise, please contact us. You will need to attach a Donation Form to the package, which we will provide you with and on which you will transfer the value of your donation.

In the case of sending used goods, please limit excessive packaging. 

On the other hand, we invite you to separate watches and jewellery as much as possible when sending us your donation, as they are two different categories of products.

To send your watches and jewellery when you are outside the borders of France : contact us, Eco Tempo uses the Basel Convention.

Please specify that your parcels are of the category 200135*R4, which is equivalent to the international category of dangerous products.


Eco Tempo supports all types of watches and jewelry; whatever the brand, the materials or their condition.

Thanks to its member brands, Eco Tempo collects throughout metropolitan France. Click here to consult the collection point nearest to you.

Otherwise, Eco Tempo also provides you with prepaid envelopes in metropolitan France and French overseas departments and territories, in order to recycle your used watches and jewellery free of charge. Click here to fill in the recycling request form.

Eco Tempo, collected through these member brands in certain European countries, temporarily. To find out which points of sale are concerned, click here.

On average an envelope can contain 10 watches. In the form, do not hesitate to specify when you have more than 10 watches and jewellery to send, so that we can send you more prepaid envelopes.

You can also send only jewellery, in this case you can send up to 500 g of jewellery.

You can request prepaid envelopes as many times as you like; as long as you have watches and jewellery to recycle.

Fill in the form again with all your details! Otherwise, please let us know your change of address or telephone number by e-mail by clicking on Contacts. Specify your name, first name, your (new) e-mail or telephone contact and your (new) postal address.