Eco Tempo Unique Concept
for Recycling
Watches and Jewelry

The concept

Since 2010, Eco Tempo has been collecting used watches and jewelry from individuals and businesses.
Our mission: to give these items a second life through recycling or reusing.
We collaborate with social integration enterprises for the treatment of watch and jewelry waste.

Our Members

Our members stand with us. Together, let’s participate in the Circular Economy and reduce the impact of the HBJO market on the planet.

If you have watches, clocks, alarm clocks, or jewelry that you no longer use, don’t throw them away anywhere! Eco Tempo revalues them through recycling or reuse to give them a second life.

Our collection and recycling services for watches and jewelry are free for individuals.

You have an obligation to manage your waste: we offer a solution tailored to your organization. Benefit from waste management and traceability in compliance with current regulations!

Our services are available to all types of professionals and institutions: manufacturers, distributors, watchmakers, jewelers, workshops, pure players, associations, etc.

Our environmental Commitments

Social and Solidarity Economy.

We have chosen to work with social integration enterprises. Our primary motivation is to provide individuals facing social difficulties and people with disabilities with the opportunity to regain employability and societal recognition through our partnership with the Sheltered Workshop (EA) called Agorea.

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Circular Economy

Our concept aims to promote a Circular Economy in the HBJO (Watchmaking, Jewelry, and Goldsmithing) market, with the goal of significantly reducing its impact on the environment. Many watchmaking and jewelry professionals already trust us.

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Some figures Eco Tempo


Over 45 tonnes of watches and jewelry collected since the creation of Eco Tempo in 2010.


Currently, 10 individuals in social inclusion programs are employed within AGOREA workshops, a partner of Eco Tempo.

By hour

12 watches per hour and per personnal is the average rate of dismantling and sorting carried out by individuals in social inclusion programs or people with disabilities employed by the Sheltered Workshop AGOREA.


Over the past 5 years, there has been an increasing awareness of the urgency to recycle watches, clocks, alarm clocks, and jewelry. More than 9,000 individuals and around thirty watchmaking professionals, manufacturers, and distributors concerned about the fate of their waste have turned to Eco Tempo.


Eco Tempo collects all types of watches, clocks, alarm clocks, and jewelry from individuals and professionals.


Eco Tempo dismantles each of the collected items, in collaboration with a Sheltered Workshop.


Eco Tempo sorts the various components of dismantled watches and jewelry, according to their condition and material.


Eco Tempo revalues the components in good condition through reuse and recycles the non-reusable components.

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