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How to ecycle your watches and jewerly ?

Find a collect point

  • Choose a collection point.

  • By depositing your used watches and jewelry at the collection points organized by our professional members, you will be rewarded with a discount on the purchase of a new product.

  • Collection points are available all over France.

  • In 2022, thanks to your help, Eco Tempo recycled over 17 tons of watch and jewelry waste.


  • Complete the individual form.
  • Prepare a suitable package/envelope containing your watch and jewelry items for recycling.
  • Go to a post office to send your package.
  • You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your items, along with the benefits offered by our partners.

The process

Watches are considered WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) products and, as such, they must be recycled.

When purchasing a quartz watch, consumers pay an eco-tax for its recycling. However, watches are currently the only small WEEE products not being recycled. Until Eco Tempo came along!

Since 2010, Eco Tempo has become the only concept in the world that recycles your watches.

Eco Tempo recycles all types of watches: leather, metal, LCD, classic, vintage, smartwatches, and more…

In short, all the watches that you unconsciously kept in your drawers without ever throwing them in the trash.

Now you can dispose of them without fear of harming the environment.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Eco Tempo supports all types of watches and jewelry; regardless of the brand, materials, or their condition.

Thanks to its members, Eco Tempo collects throughout metropolitan France. Click here to find the collection point closest to you.

Please fill out the form again with all your updated information. Alternatively, you can notify us of your change of address or phone number by sending an email to Contacts. Please make sure to include your full name, first name, your (new) email or phone contact, and your (new) postal address.

You can directly send your items by post to the following address:

Eco Tempo Recycling: 2 avenue de la gare – 32700 – Lectoure

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